On the move…

I went to open my camera to take some photos the other day and sadly, my daily use lens was broken!  Something happened to the part that attaches to the camera body.  So I’m left with my zoom lens.  Its a great lens…for sightseeing; for spying on people; for seeing up someone’s nose from 10 miles away!  Not so great for getting baby to stay in one place while you capture adorable moments because she won’t stop crawling to you!

"Where do you think you're going Mommy?!"

"Down the hall huh..."

"I think I'm going to come too!"

"Yup...made it down the hall....now where...?"

"Oooh I know..."

"Almost there..."

"Ahhh little long sleeves and my playroom!!!!"

2 thoughts on “On the move…

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