The Anniversary of the Big Fight…

February 17th 2008…I woke up so angry at boyfriend LK.  We had spent the entire day before having a super romantic day of wine tasting, a magnificent dinner in the hamptons…dessert…and I woke up Sunday morning and was still a “girlfriend”.  The thought in my head was something like…”what a douchbag…he thinks I’m going to wait around forever…I don’t give a crap what plans we had today…I’m staying in bed all day and I really don’t want to see him right now…”  What I said was “I’m not getting up…go do your errands and I’ll see about getting ready”.

Then he started getting pushy…and forced me up and out to our scheduled museum visit.

UGH.  So.freaking.annoying.  So not in the mood for Optical Illusion and Pop Art.  I wanna go home and snuggle with T.  He loves me for sure…OMG he’s trying to talk to me…why won’t he get the idea that I don’t want to talk to him today…”read the signs right next to the art…they’ll explain everything”

and then…

There was no sign.  There was no pop art…but there must have been an optical illusion…because MY painting was hung up in the gallery…mine.  The one I painted for the boyfriend’s housewarming gift.  Huh?  How? Who? waitaesecond…..he said WHAT?????  WILL I MARRY HIM?????  (I really don’t even know if he said that…but I was shocked!)  All I could say then was “Are you kidding me???”

And some bad bad pictures.  I really was not photograph ready!  I didn’t even shower!  I didn’t want to get out of bed!!!!  UGH who’s the idiot now Miss LK?!?!

We have no pictures of the painting hung in the museum since Mister LK was so nervous he forgot his camera was in his coat!  But I don’t think that memory is going anywhere anytime soon!  And now it is in this blog…

Best fight I’ve ever had!

The Mister I always dreamed of.  The best partner in life.  My better half.

Thank you for giving me everything I ever dreamed of.  Even if I am mean to you sometimes 😉

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