Birthday Wishes For Mister M…

Dear Mister M,

We are so crazy happy that we can be hanging out with you on your special day!  It is crazy that you are 2 years old already!  You are an amazing little monkey…so smart…so funny…so sweet.  We love you so much little boy!  Thanks for bouncing away your birthday with us…and thanks for not showing Miss A how to climb up the big slide…that would have given her Mommy a heart attack!

May your life be full of bouncing, smiling, laughing, fun and partying!  May you keep your Daddy on his toes & let your Mommy rest a little!  And also…may you marry  Miss A 😉  Although, as was pointed out to us today…she’ll have a lot of competition!

Happy Birthday Mister M.  Thank you again for being such a good boy & thank your Mommy and Daddy for being amazing friends.

All our love,

the LK’s, A, T & M

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