Party Puker…

Mr. M’s party was cancelled due to some unexpected vomit.  It was his own…and it was not fun for his Mommy and Daddy.  A hasn’t gotten hit yet with the bug, and I’m hoping she doesn’t, but I imagine that to be nearly impossible, since most of the time we’ve been here she’s spent trying to bite him!  biting = germs IN the mouth.

We are sad we won’t be having the scheduled Yo Gabba Gabba party as planned, but we are happy we were able to come and celebrate M on his 2nd birthday!  We’ve had a ton of fun together!  The weather has been simply amazing (except today’s rain which is working for us since we are stuck inside).  A hasn’t worn her coat the whole time we’ve been here…it has been glorious!

I wish we could live here a little.  I love my house and my town and my life back at home, but there’s almost nothing better than hanging out with a great friend and just spending time lounging, doing the day to day together.  My husband is great, but he’s no replacement for a girl friend!  AG, this vacation has gone too quickly, and I’ve had a perfect trip.  Thank you for being the best hostess & for reminding me what it feels like to have a friend just be “there”.  Thank you RG for taking all the crap I’ve dealt to you this week.  You know I love you!  Your son is an amazing boy and you should both be very proud of the great job you’ve done raising him till 2…let me know if it gets easier k?!