How We Brought In 2012…

We are a family that enjoys entertaining.  We love having people over here to have a meal, and just relax with our friends.  So of course hosting a New Years Eve dinner was a thought that came across our minds…then we remembered …

that’s the boss now.  She makes the rules.  So we asked her….Princess A…should we have a few people over to our house and order or make dinner and then put you to bed while we stay up with friends?  Or should we call our cousin P’s and see if we can go play with them at their house o’ fun?

I must admit, I wasn’t disappointed AT ALL with her decision!  It was a perfect way to spend NYE.  The kids babysat for A in the playroom & the adults got to sit and chat upstairs.  We played a little board game called “headbandz” and some other game that was funny too…Then we got A in PJs.

A is in love with her cousins.

R & B are some really great girls, but for my little nutjob….there’s a clear favorite….

check out the incognito hand holding going on here!

Cousin I likes to pretend that he is grossed out by all girls – including A…but he’s so lying & we know it 🙂

Thanks to the P family for having us over & making yummy bite sized dinner for us.  You guys are awesome!

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