Fun Family Hanukkah Party 2!

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With a little bit more time to plan, and with Mr. LK home to occupy A, I was able to do a little more crafting & decorating for our last night of Hanukkah party!  It was my first full on tablescape and I am pretty proud of how it came out!

Sparkly dreidel tree centerpiece tablescape

3D dreidel place cards

dreidel straws

Expect these sparkly dreidels to come out again year after year….SO time consuming!

We had lots of family & the cutest girls in the whole world!

Gramma & her 2 girls!

B, Sh & J


Cousin A2 dancing!!!

it’s not a party without a pinata!!!

A figured out the bat very quickly!

Candle #1 went to Miss A & her Daddy

Cousin S & Uncle LK getting candle #2 lit!

J had a turn!

Auntie Sh got one too!

Gramam’s turn!

Auntie H did her part too!

A real Hanukkah miracle at our house was AF petting Ty!