Its POTTY Time!!!!!

My baby is turning into a big girl…

We went to Target today & I stumbled upon this…so I decided that since we’re about 50% done with the bathroom renovation, we should get her a potty to start training soon.

As soon as we got it into the kitchen, Miss A needed to “go pee pee a potty”.  SO Mister LK got her all ready & she sat herself right down!  Then she got up…and pooped…NEXT to the potty!  So close A!  But then…

She sat back down & PEED IN THE POTTY!!!!!

Reward = 2 M&Ms!  I think I know someone who will be needing to “pee” a lot!  Maybe … if she’s like her mommy … a lot, a lot!

Daddy & Mommy are so so proud of you A!