Asking for what you want, Getting what you deserve…

It has been hard to admit how overwhelmed I am with this mother to a toddler thing.  I was lucky never to have had the “baby blues” when A was born…so maybe that is part of why it is so surprising to me that I feel alone in this, because it is so rarely spoken about.  Post pardum depression or anxiety is something that is really getting much more awareness now.  I really believe that we will be hearing more and more about toddler mom depression soon!

I don’t know that I’m “depressed” but I’m definitely not myself!

Since I’ve been in this new place, figuring out what to do and how to do it, I’ve been hugely supported by some very important people in my life…and a little disappointed at times by a few.  I guess that’s always the way it goes though.  I’ll never forget that support and the people who were able to see me struggling and were there to step in to put a smile on my face.  People who were there to tell me to snap out of it and talk me down from my ledge.  Those friends and family who offered advice on how to cope and just let me vent my frustrations.  I am very very imperfect, but I always try my hardest to be there for the one’s I love.  I expect the same in return.  Hopefully…when I ask for what I want, I’ll get what I deserve…but if I don’t…then I’m thankful for what I have.

My family.  My friends.  My girl.

I love you A.  Even when I’m sad, mad, frustrated, overwhelmed, or just plain exhausted!  You are the best thing that has ever happened to me in my life.  You are my entire world.  I will do anything and everything for you.  Always.