Bathtime Belongs To Daddy…

but AFTER the bath…..well that is Mommy…..all the way!

Every night, we give (or try to give) A a bath.  That has turned out to be Daddy’s special time with her.  I listen to them from somewhere else & it melts my heart.  He’s teaching her some letters, they play with her toys, and she has so much fun with her Daddy who she misses all day long!  Then…the water drains, he wraps her up in a towel, and like clockwork…”I want Mommy” begins.  I’m not sure why she prefers me to dress her for bed, but she does, and I really don’t mind!  I miss that naked tushy when I don’t get to diaper it….at least when its clean & dry from a bath!

We are starting renovations on A’s bathroom this week (possibly tomorrow even!) and I’m so excited for the change.  Reminder of what it looks like now.  Pretty for 1972…but we’re in 2012 now and I think I’d like to go a little sleeker & less…well…tealandblackfloweroverload!  This is going to seriously change our bathtime/bedtime routine…I might even have to shower with A in the evenings.  Imagine that!  I’ll get a shower every day!  This might be a nice change after all!

Anyone ever live through a bath renovation with a toddler?!  Survival tips?!