Embrace the Camera Thursday 1.12.12

There’s something so sweet about Daddy-Daughter moments!  If only he didn’t have to work and could stay at home with us all day to keep her happy!

Although, there are 2 things that make me crazy happy about this photo…1. is the 2 loves of my life (obviously), 2. is that A is bringing the 80’s back in a sweater that MY Grandma (and her namesake) made for ME back in 1980! (or 81).

She’s rockin’ the puffy sleeves & the angora wool like only I could at age 1!  My Grandma was super talented…I think I’m going to try to learn to knit…

4 thoughts on “Embrace the Camera Thursday 1.12.12

  1. I love that sweater, I loved me some puffy sleeves when I was little.. And unlike stirrup pants (which conjure up bad memories) I am happy they are back in style!

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