Father of The Year…

Before the day ends…I’d like to wish my amazing husband and father of my kids, Mister LK, the happiest of father’s days.  If anyone deserves a day to celebrate you for all that you do as Daddy around here…you are the man.

On another note…don’t all father’s who have wives have father’s day, every day?

I do a lot around here….BUT….Mister LK does more for this family than I ever imagined a person could do.  I truly don’t know how he does it.  (Don’t let this go to your head honey – we didn’t make 42″ wide doors!!!)

This family is so lucky to have him.  We try to tell him as much as possible, but we’re usually so caught up in the day to day that we certainly don’t say it enough.  We love you Daddy and thank you for everything that you do to make sure this family stays happy, healthy, sane, and silly!





C5068151-F87E-4848-9F72-5B321DAC78A4There is nothing that you wouldn’t do for us and we know it.  I feel so lucky that my daughter gets to grow up with a Daddy like you, and I’m certain that my son is going to turn out perfect, just like his Daddy.  We love you more than any holiday could express.  We hope we make you as happy as you make us.

Now…Can you walk the dog, feed the cat, and take out the trash 😉  jk…you already took out the trash!




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