Embrace the Camera Thursday 10.28.10

Here we are…Thursday again!

We had A’s 6 month checkup today!  Everyone thinks my baby girl is a big pudge ball, but she’s not 🙂  Gramma guessed 16.8, Dad guessed 18.3, Auntie S guessed 18.  She’s 15.8!  Could be because she’s on a hunger strike and refuses to drink her bottle anymore!  She wants the sandwich!

She got a great report at the Dr….gained 5oz since our last visit, grew 1 inch (she’s “ABOVE AVERAGE” in height  YAY!), great strength, motor skills, and overall perfect!

Here’s a picture from our family trip to the Aquarium this past weekend.

Mommy loves Baby A!!!

More to come from our family weekend and sleepovers with Auntie S!