Me & The Beastie Boys….

All we really want is GIRLS!

I haven’t posted in the last few days, because I’ve been hanging out with this…


What a tushie!



Wooooooo whoo this car goes fast!



More boo boo peeeassseee!


S, Baby A & LKSquared had a SLEEPOVER PIZZA PARTY!!!!!  This nuthead was the best girl EVER.  We played, she had no tantrums, we ate pizza, danced, watched Annie/Nemo/Barney/WeeSing….and went to bed without a fight.  I am in love with this child and can’t get enough of her.  When she says my name I melt….and then this morning when she snuggled in bed with me I decided one day, I’m stealing her.  Sorry MeeMah.

Anywho – Baby A and Cousin S aren’t the only girls in the family anymore!!!!!  Auntie H had her new baby…and SURPRISE>>>>ITS A GIRL!!!!  I’m scared of boys…so I was really excited!  Here she is everyone…my amazing, beautiful, stunning neice.

Baby A2.


Sweet Sweet Baby A2



My beautiful neice A2


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