Aunt D…

Aunt D loving on baby A!

Aunt D…b/c Auntie D sounds weird…redundant really, like ATM Machine…so we’ll just call her Aunt D.

We’re the epitome of opposites attract.  She has very long legs, mine are very short.  She has small boobies, mine are big.  She likes football, I like shopping.  BUT…we were both cheerleaders in HS.  Yep – we cheered…we were sorta pathetic, but hey…we were cheering for our other LK so we were passionate!  We’ve been friends since 6th grade and if I had to list all the crazy, stupid, funny, ridiculous, happy, sad and very scary things we’ve done and seen together, the internet would need more space.  Even though there were periods of time where our lives took us in different directions, our very strong bond with our Grandmas, Poppys and puppies is what ultimately brought our paths back together and now here’s a little bit of why Aunt D is awesome…

Aunt D is fun, she’s silly, she’s really energetic, and she’s gonna help teach A all the sports stuff she needs to know to make her Daddy proud!

She thinks A is a funny baby, and is one of the only other people so far who has seen her fishy kissy face, which she REFUSES to do now!  She makes me think twice before buying A ridiculous things when we’re shopping…apparently in my head $40 for a baby shirt is fine, Aunt D doesn’t agree!  She always has a BuyBuyBaby coupon for us to use and she has been the accomplice to a lot of unintentional shoplifting from BuyBuyBaby, and everywhere else I forget things on the bottom of the cart.  She gave me 75 hospital towels for my wedding shower which was one of my most appreciated gifts!  She thinks it’s funny that I think she’s normal…but my view of normal is pretty screwy 😉  She’s a great teacher to all her students, a great nanny to all her babies and puppies, and a great Aunt to baby A.

She has a dog, whose name is Lucifer….the only individual who is fully named here on our blog, b/c L doesn’t do Lucifer justice….she looks like a cow but acts like Naomi Campbell.

Aunt D is one of my best friends in the world and A loves her very much.

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