Embrace the Camera Thursday 2.23.12

This Thursday we have a sick baby in the house…it is so sad when she tells me “Mommy check fever…A’s fever”  Doctor’s office…here we come!

Last week we celebrated Cousin S’s birthday with a party!  A was too busy running around to take a picture with her Mommy, but Cousin S was happy to jump into a photo with me!

Princess Cousin S … I can’t believe you’re 3!  We had the best time at your party & A still thinks we are celebrating S’s birthday!

We love you pretty girl!

4 thoughts on “Embrace the Camera Thursday 2.23.12

  1. That is too cute! I was just teasing my little guy last night and asking if he wanted to have a princess birthday (he’ll be 3 in April). Surprisingly he said YES! His big brothers sure got a kick out of that!

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