Go Speedracer GO!

The suburbs of Chi-town really have awesome grown up activities.  Everything seems to involved fun, food & drinks!  Last time we were in town we got to practice our Bocce skillz, and this time we got to race cars! Fine…they were Go Carts, but they were pretty cool (even though I sat on the sidelines and watched since I was carrying a 2 year old tantrum thrower!)  The consensus of everyone who raced was that Cousin B is a lunatic on the road and when you hear the screeching around the bed, it is him & beware!  He did win though.

Awesome family!

Doing the 1st place dance...for Cousin B!


oh these 3 boys...

A just hanging out...

more Aunt G love ❤

Go Mister LK!

Go Daddy Go!

1st Place & 3rd Place...good job boys!

Next up…Party at the pool & shuffleboard tables!