Blackhawks vs Rangers…A Family Outing!

Friday night the family packed into the rented minivan like sardines & headed into the city with the intention of meeting up with our friend and his son for some dinner (as pointed out later, they left it to the Jews to pick a BBQ joint on a Friday during lent … oops!)

What actually happened is we sat in the car for over 2 hours and went directly to the stadium & ate chicken fingers, fried and M&Ms for dinner…A was happy!

This was A’s first hockey game.  She is a real sports fan.  She got that from her Daddy!

A moment of quiet on the long car ride!

Courtesy of Auntie E's Netflix & my IPhone!

Uncle C teaching A about his favorite sport!

Silly Aunt G!

Watching with Daddy!

Daddy couldn't find A a cookie, but I found her a churro! She thought it was perfect!

Hanging in the hall with Cousin J

Thanks to our friend T for coming to hang out 🙂

Great time at the game!  Tomorrow…more fun with the family!