Controlling Your Emotions Is A Part Of Growing Up…

This saying is something that has stuck with me since I was an early teen…My mom’s friend Aunt L was telling this to my sister who was throwing a tantrum of her own.  I know she meant it to be said to an early teen going through lots of crap and puberty at the same time…but I think it is an amazing lesson, and remind myself of it often.

We’ve lost touch with Aunt L, but I hope she knows how much these words have impacted my life.  I have not always controlled my emotions…but at some point in the “loosing it” stage…I usually find myself repeating this in my head!

I wish this worked on my 22 month old!  She’s having a hard time controlling her emotions…and by that I mean…well…she screams and throws herself on the floor kicking when she doesn’t get the M&M’s she wants in the middle of the pharmacy.  Or screams like a banchee for 25 minutes on our ride to dance class all the while using her Little Mermaid wand to Macgyver the door handle open on the highway.  Or kicking me in the face while screaming, crying & banging the mirror and wall as I hold her down all to do something like…change her diaper!  All pretty good examples of what my days have been like the past 2 weeks.  Torture.  Sadly, me repeating my “controlling your emotions is a part of growing up” is not having any effect on her at all!  Damn…

During the aforementioned car ride of hell, I decided that something has to be hurting my baby girl.  I was taking her to the doctor.  Stat.  I took her yesterday, and much to my relief…she has a double ear infection!  My daughter is not just a lunatic disaster who can’t control herself!  She’s in pain!  Medicine can HELP!

This is her first ear infection, and first time on antibiotics in her 22 month life…I think that is pretty damn good…

This is A last weekend, when it was just a cold…


This was A this week the day before the doctor…when I told her should couldn’t have cake for lunch…

Oh Amoxycillin, please help my little girl get back to smiling!  Crossing our fingers this is short term!

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