A Day In the Park … Windy City Style…

Day 1 was cold.  Really cold.  Especially since we left NY on a 70 degree day!  The sun was shining though, and we decided to take a family walk to the local park.  We took the dogs out & hit the pavement…got to the park…played…and A said it best…”I freezing Mommy”!

Didn’t mean she wanted to go home though!

Photo highlights of our time at the park in Buffalo Grove, IL

T was freezing and he chose to hang in the stroller for a while before coming out to play...

Daddy went down the slide...

Aunt G got in on the slide action too! A waited at the bottom cheering her on!

Uncle C worked puppy BB out a little bit!

Heading over to the basketball court now!

My kiddos...

My kiddos in action...A is always pulling T somewhere!

T watching the action on the tennis courts

Almost ready to join the party...

This worked on the courts...not so much in the kitchen!

Playground crew!

One last freezing swing before we leave!

LK girls, T & Cousin J

I love these 2 people more than ... A loves cake?!

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