Why I Love Vacation…

Because it is amazing!  It is 9am and I woke up to silence!  I get to be on vacation with one of my best friends & stay up late drinking and talking.  There’s nothing better….**Except you Mister LK…vacationing with you is just as good…in Bali…(haha)** Thank you AG for making my girls weekend the best!

Thank you to my dad for letting us stay is his beautiful apartment.  Without a 2 year old it is so easy to keep clean and not worry anything will be broken!  Thanks for all the travel recommendations here & we will be going to the beach today!

I want to wish a happy anniversary from afar to our friends the PH’s….I had so much fun taking these pictures & I hope you guys had as much fun being in them!




One thought on “Why I Love Vacation…

  1. You made our day. Thank you Sooooo much we love you to death. I want you to have the best girls weekend ever. You deserve it!

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