Embrace the Camera Thursday 7.19.12

I’ve had time without Miss A over the last 2+ years.  I can’t deny that.  It has been lovely….but we’ve always been doing “something”, like going to a wedding, or meeting people, or getting ready for something.  Last year Grandma took Miss A to Florida and left me home for a week.  That was heavenly!  This year…the mommy who has saved me from self destruction more times than I can count, the mommy who has been my support since the day I gave birth to this little maniac, my amazing friend AG and I are going on a girls only, kids free weekend in my second home of this year…FLORIDA!!!  I think that I should get some type of award for flying the same route on JetBlue 3 times in as many months!  I can’t wait for this trip….like….really really really can’t wait!  We’re going to lay by the pool and read big girl books without being splashed and pulled and whined at….WITH ALCOHOL!  The only juice we’ll be drinking will be in our cocktails!  We’ll sleep in late & go out to dinner where we’ll take 3 hours to eat if we want to!

In appreciation of all things kid-free this weekend, I’m embracing the camera with my favorite Mister LK & some of my friends from our excursion this past weekend!

While on this fun engagement party trip to the Long Island wineries I got to shoot the 2 handsome grooms for their Save The Date cards.  I want to extend a big THANK YOU to my fabulous friend HB for being a really amazing assistant & helping me get lots of really fun, funny, sweet & pretty perfect pictures!

She was instrumental in getting some shots like this…

Hehehe….Once the boys pick their favorite photo for the Save The Date…I’ll be able to post the rest of the pics from this shoot….I can’t wait to share!  They’re a great couple & I’m honored they let me photograph them for such a special announcement!

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