Asleep at 6:30pm….What Does A Mommy Do????

So today was a camp day!  I love camp days…even if I get beat up getting her sunblocked & dressed & into the car by 9am.  See, Miss A’s “witching hours” are in the morning…unlike most children who have their bad time around 5pm.  She is whiny and demanding and ripe for tantrums from breakfast time through nap time.  So camp days, it is someone else’s problem!  Although they tell me that she’s really very good and only cries for a minute when I drop her off!  When I asked her what she did at camp last Thursday she told me “I clean toilets Mommy”.  I don’t know WHY I haven’t thought of having her do that here!!!!  She said it was fun!  If she was behaving the same for them that she is for me…well I understand the punishment of making her clean toilets!

This morning she was so incredibly loud and un-soothable that I would have sworn she was sick!  So with her runny nose I made a Dr. appointment and had her ears checked out.  All good.  No infections anywhere.  FUDGE!!!!  amoxicillin is a much easier prescription to fill than Mommy patience!  Fine…I’ll try to be a good mother for the rest of the day.

At that point (2pm) she had napped for a total of 10 minutes.  We had lunch and swam in the new pool for about 2 hours and came inside to snuggle!  Then the most unexpected thing happened…she fell asleep at 6pm!  What am I going to do with all this time on my hands!  I had already made dinner, and straightened up the house….I guess I’ll edit pictures of our fun excursion to the Hamptons from this past weekend!  I think I’m getting spoiled with all of this kid-free time!


Coming up…more photos of some awesome couples & a really fun shoot with the couple of honor!


One thought on “Asleep at 6:30pm….What Does A Mommy Do????

  1. Amazing pictures LK! Thank you so much for making our engagement party such a wonderful amazing time. We will remember it forever and you have such amazing pics to prove it! Love ya honey!

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