Bris Baby…

My nephew Baby H is going to love me…he is going to adore me…he is going to think I am the coolest Auntie ever…until he finds this post 😉  He’s gonna really want to kill me that day!  Good thing once that passes, he’ll love me again!

The bris was beautiful…Grandma R & Grandpa M made a lovely brunch.  If anyone is wondering how we kept Miss A quiet and out of the mohel’s way….well it’s pretty simple with this girl…

Give the girl her games and movies on the IPad and she’s usually an angel!  Even if we had to listen to Beauty & The Beast in the background!

I can’t wait to see this little man next weekend!

One thought on “Bris Baby…

  1. Great shots of the bris!! We are counting down the days and can’t wait to see you next weekend 🙂
    Baby H misses you xoxoxo

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