2012…March Came In Like A Lamb & Went Out Like A Lion !

It’s not even that cold here, but compared to last week it is relatively frigid!  Last week was H O T up here…we went to the park with Cousins S & A, and of course Auntie H & Gramma too.  The girls had a blast as always, and shockingly, no one came home with a sunburn!

Apparently…these ballet flats are not meant for running around a park.  She was missing 1 shoe the entire time.  Pick your battles…

Oh the vomit wheel!  Gramma’s favorite park ride!

These girls adore each other…

How sweet do they look?!?!

And as Mister LK knows…its not a trip to the park in the hot weather without a visit from the Mr. Softee Man!

Who needs a spoon?!?!

Yes…it is down to 50 degrees from 80…and it feels freezing…but we’ve been super lucky with the weather this winter & I’m hoping our summer is equally as mild.  I’m not into sweating…

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