Weekend that won’t quit…

This weekend is A’s 1st Birthday Party!  We’re throwing a Polka Dot extravaganza!  We thought we were the type of LK’s to throw a small, intimate, quiet 1st birthday party for our little lady.  Turns out…WE’RE SOOOOO NOT!  Big isn’t appropriate to describe.  There are about 85 people coming to our house on Sunday.  The thought of this makes me laugh a little.  Who am I kidding.  A LOT!  I didn’t even think I knew 85 people!  Where we are putting all of these people is something we’re working on…and hopefully someone up in the sky is looking out for us and is going to keep the rain away so we can sit comfy outside too.

For now…I have a to-do list.  1st on the list is waiting for Auntie S & Uncle P to come in.  The other LK is out at the airport picking them up now!  Good thing since I’m sleeping in tomorrow and letting Auntie S do ALL THE WORK!!!  Favor bags need to be wrapped, furniture needs to be moved, tables need to be set, decorations need to be hung, cakes need decoration, food needs preparation, and the list goes on and on…but we’re going to do it.  I’m hoping we have fun while we’re at it too!

The truth is….


Now if you think the fun is over at the party.  Think again.  10 people are returning (or never leaving) for Seder on Monday night.  I should probably cook for that huh?!  I’m sleepy!

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