4 Months Happy…

Holy Happy Baby!!!

What do I do with this FACE????

He’s so smiley!  He still sleeps like an angel & is content wherever we are.  He might look like his Daddy, but his demeanor is all his Mommy!!! (hehe wink wink*)

Our most recent 4 month checkup had him at 14lbs 12oz, and 25.5″ tall.  He was talking away and smiling throughout his appointment!  He got a clean bill of health & Dr H confirmed that he’s a talker!  Just what we need around here…another talker!  He is still doing best on 6oz every 3 hours.  When we play with his food he gets all thrown off and sleeps too long or vomits or is just generally off his game.  If it aint’ broke, don’t fix it!  His major milestone was finding his toes!  He even got them into his mouth!  We just retired his PJ gowns since there’s really not been a reason to keep him in easy access PJs since he sleeps through the night.  He’s in PJs with feet now!  He’s also outgrown the beloved Puj tub…about 2 months before his sister did!  He’s moved on to the Boon Naked bath.  As long as the water is warm/hot….he’s cool!  He’s overall, just a happy little baby who lights up my life & makes this family complete!

D71_2574He is still obsessed with putting those hands in his mouth, and is ridiculously drooly!!!!






Baby D is just plain happy…and I’m soaking it all in…

d4I love you Baby D….my little man….I love watching you grow but PLEASE stay a baby as long as possible!!!!  (Not an adult baby though….that’s proven bad)



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