Easy Peasy…NJ Summer 2013

Sometimes…the light is perfect, the subjects are perfect, and everyone is having fun!  Luckily for me, many of those times happen when these gorgeous kids are around me.  They making this photography thing easy, peasy…

S modeling




A & S



This weekend, Mister LK was left alone with both my kids!  He got rave reviews from everyone I had spying on him (not concerned about their welfare…just their wardrobe!)

When I met up with them at Grandpa’s house, everyone was happy and full of energy.  Even though Miss A slept in the same room as Cousins S & A…which likely meant, not too much sleep for my girl, it wasn’t until late in the day that we lost our smiles!,  And as usual for my little man, Baby D was smiley & cuddly!  Cousin S is a ham in front of the camera…and I even got to get a few shots of the “missing link”…(that is Cousin J who rarely sees natural daylight!)

H, S, H, J, G


S silly face


I throwing J

A, G, H, J


Js rolls2

S & Grandpa

Js rolls

J & H

Grandpa & S

Gma & S


A A & GmaThis is who I get to make out with every day…don’t be jealous (you won’t be able to help it!)








D4Love these kids!  Even if NJ is a lifetime drive away….I’m looking forward to them coming home soon!


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