Miss A’s Summer Fun!

I (heart) Twin Oaks Day Camp.  They are making Miss A’s summer her best one yet!  She leaves everyday excited & comes home everyday with a huge smile and lots of fun stories to tell!

Today we had visiting day at camp….Part I.  When I went to sign in, the director’s exact words were….”Ohhhh Miss A….With the MOUTH!”  Her head counselor said she’s the mayor of camp, and when someone won’t say hi to her, she says “It’s OK….they must be shy!”  Every mom there said they’re child comes home everyday talking about Miss A!  (And in a good and happy way!!!!)  What a difference a year makes!

Here are some shots from our day at camp!

First we started and Fun & Games:

Randy Candy 7

Randy Candy 5

Randy Candy 1

Randy Candy 2

Randy Candy 9Then we followed them to the field!

Field 3


The last activity was swim…which happens to be Miss A’s favorite activity!

Swim 12

Swim 9

Swim 5

Swim 8

Swim 7

Swim 4Before we headed home…we had snack!  Miss A was really excited to have her Grandma, Auntie S & Cousin H with her.  Cousin H wasn’t being so cooperative for a group photo…but we did get one with Grandma!

Snack with Grandma




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