In Times of War…

You dress in your teams colors!!!!! (she FINALLY wore the shorts I love….as a favor to me!!!!!!)


All my fellow campers out there, who didn’t LOVE Color War!?!?!  Miss A is on the blue team with all of her little friends and they are so stinkin’ cute.  This girl has never worn blue so many days in a row in her life.  She’s dedicated though…she picks out something blue every morning.  I actually had to do laundry 3 times since the start of color war less than a week ago to make sure she had enough blue things to wear…since it is normally a color that she will refuse!

A1I guess it was better than her being on the green team and I would have had to buy her new clothes!!!

I can’t believe Thursday is her last day.  This mommy is really sad about that.  These Gummy Bears have made Miss A’s summer the best one yet.  (well….except for maybe that first summer of her life when she was carted around, sleeping all day, hanging with the family and living life the relaxed way…as an infant!)  They have the cutest group and she is going to be so sad to not get to see her friends every day.  Not to mention….I HAVE TO ENTERTAIN HER until school starts!!!!  All day!!!!  Baby D better be ready for a little torture!!!!

Beach….here we come 🙂


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