Cupcakes To-Go…

Tomorrow is our last day of dance class.  Even though we haven’t been there in like a month due to a vacation and Miss A’s tendency to sleep in until 9am, fight me for 20 minutes to change her diaper, insisting that she get a hot breakfast and then refusing to get dressed, making it IMPOSSIBLE to get to class 25 minutes away at 10am!  Like the true independent spirit that she is, she has decided it is time to be diaper free, so we have just saved 20 minutes off our pre-dance games, and come hell or high water, we WILL make it to the last dance class of the year!  I’m putting a wee wee pad in the carseat in case she refuses to make peepee in the potty before we have to go!  The class is having a farewell party & our contribution is thanks to this inspiration I found a while ago on Pinterest…

Since I am stuck in the house … or limited to things in a 10 minute radius from my house, I ran this morning to pick up a box of cake mix and get to assembling!  Here is what we came up with!!!

Miss A tried one … you know … to make sure they weren’t poisonous!

They weren’t!!!  I took a bite…it was yummy.  Girls…get excited 🙂


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