Two cute…Two Smart…Two Sassy…

Two has been rough.  I know it gets harder…but one day when A reads this blog to see what she was like when she was a baby, I’d like her to read how amazing and sweet and cuddly she was.  Unfortunately (sorry future A) that is just simply not the case most of the time!  We had a rough couple of days that almost broke Mommy last week.  This week I am trying to do better as a Mom and keep up our discipline regimen!

We had a super hot day yesterday…so hot that T walked outside, laid down on the pavement & just stayed there suntanning.  Our mexican dog loves the sun!

The sun was shining, the sprinklers were on, and A was playing…for 10 minutes!  Just enough time to get wet and want to come back inside!  My great friend lent me her camera while mine is in the final stages of being fixed…so I took this outdoor opportunity to get some “I’m 2” photos of my maniac!  She was in a very silly mood today, which was welcomed with open arms by her Mommy!

I never want to forget this tiny tushie…

This is Miss A’s sassy face…she purses her lips and then tells you “mmmm NO”…it’s so much fun…NOT

And my most favorite part of 2 has been the over-use of the name Mommy….sung “Mommy Mommy Mommy Mommy Mommy Mommy”, followed by a string of “I want” and then silence!  Let the guessing games begin!!!!

Busy weekend ahead…we hope everyone has a good one!



One thought on “Two cute…Two Smart…Two Sassy…

  1. Future A- your mommy has captured you in so many moods. She is a terrific mommy and thank goodness a great photographer but you make a wonderful subject. You are loved.

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