You Make Plans….

And gd floods your house so you can make the design/decorating plans happen!  Right?

Construction is well underway, and even though our house still has a gaping hole to the outside & elements, they’ve made a ton of progress and I’m excited that they are going to start electric & plumbing tomorrow!  Our contractor is still convinced he’ll be done by April, and I am not.  However on the off chance that he wants to be able to spend some time with his family instead of being out in Long Beach all week long, I’ll say he’s motivated to get this rare winter full house renovation done with!  I thought I had better start planning!

mood boardI know that some of my inlaw family is going to be critical of how little color there is here, but I need to be inside the space to pick the color items.  I do not buy furniture or expensive items in colors since my color taste changes so frequently.  I like to use art and accessories to put the color in the rooms.  That will happen once we’re in the house.  Clearly Miss A is not afraid of color since her room is super colorful.  She helped me pick out almost everything for her room.  There will be sparkles incorporated as well since that is her main request!

It is crazy that we have to pick out every single item in every single room.  The only things we don’t need are dishes and wine glasses!  Crazy.

Will post more about my kitchen design when our layout is complete and we pick a cabinet maker!

If Mister LK and I are able to agree on these things, I’ll consider 2012 a success.  It has been quite a crazy year in the world & we’re looking forward to a better 2013!


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