Half A Year Old & Handsome As Ever…

My baby is 1/2 a year old.  6 whole months.  Holy Bananas.


He is a big noodle!  27 1/4″ tall and 17lbs.  Long and skinny.  He is a rolling machine and can make his way across the house with a combination scooting and rolling, if I let him!  He’s sitting up pretty well these days.  Although he is much like a big puppy dog.  Huge “paws”, drools like a leaky faucet and he’s very floppsy!!!


He’s a kicker & will kick anything left near those adorable toes!  He’s still talking non-stop and his noises crack me up all day long!  Sometimes, when I need a quiet moment, I have to put headphones on because there is no place in the house that I can’t hear him!!!


He is eating 4 8oz bottles a day, and we’ve introduced solids.  We had a little trouble with my mommy guilt that led me to give him organic formula, which tried to kill him.  Like from one of those sci-fi movies Mister LK is always wanting to watch….the formula tried to kill my baby boy.  So we switched back.


We now have our happy baby back!  Hooray!!!!

Everyday it is more apparent how this little man is making our family a happier one!  He’s always laughing & smiling…and when he sees his sister, his eyes light up and he is brighter than the sun!  He is a doggie lover and a cat puller.  And my daily reminder to smile and life will be good!

Baby D…please stop growing so damn fast.  Keep those teeth under your gums, I’m not ready to loose that gummy smile!  Keep doing everything you’re doing because you are perfect and we love you!