A Bestie, a Boo & a Bun…

My girls weekend was great!  I got to see Auntie S2 & Boo and lounge with them all weekend!  No worries…we got in a little shopping for Miss A too!  I am not sure there are enough days in the summer for her to wear all of her adorable summer clothes!

Look at this face…is it not the cutest (except T obviously!)

He was such a good boy when I was there.  Each morning I got the BEST greeting when I came out of my room!  What a sweet boy.

And then there’s this girl.  I love Auntie S2!  All she wanted was Rainbow cookies from NY & Italian food.  If you twist my arm…….

I’m so happy I got to hang out with her and meet her bump too.  Yea….you can see it below….and see me mauling it….b/c I’m inappropriate like that!  Its entirely possible that she was thinking “whoa…thats enough LK…but I really didn’t ask, and still don’t care…its my “bumpewe” (thats a combo of bump & niece/nephew – I’m creative!)  ok that was weird, and I won’t call it that again.  We decided its a bun in her oven & she doesn’t know the sex so we’ll go with “bun” until its golden & ready for eating 🙂  Yup…I eat babies…ask A.

Me being normal...

Me attacking my unborn "bun"

Wanna know what I was telling the bun????

It went something like this…

Be good to Mommy.  She is the best ever.  Give her lots of love kicks now.  Take very good care of her from the inside.  I love you very much – love Auntie LK.

And so ended my girls weekend.  Now I’m home with A & she’s running around like a nutball.  Going to chase her!

2 thoughts on “A Bestie, a Boo & a Bun…

  1. Boo says he misses you, and wants all of your readers to know that he was not locked in jail when you took that photo. He also wants to thank you for posting such *unflattering* photos of his mommy to the Internets. He particularly likes the photo where you’re molesting the bun and I’m still leaning against no one and nothing thinking that you’re next to me and not on my stomach 🙂

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