Sun + Fun + Friends = Great Vacation!

Add KIDS to that equation, you get a fantastic FAMILY Vacation.  This was our first family vacay.  It was most certainly much different than our vacations pre-baby.  #1 reason = no sleeping in.  Not even close!  Our little girl sleeps like an angel here at home in her crib….usually from 7:30pm – 8am.  Its great & I love it.  And her.  On vacation however, she thought 5am was the latest she’d sleep to.  It sucked & I didn’t love it.  I still loved her.  This mother thing is weird!

We miss our NC family & can’t wait to do another trip with them soon!

We are spending most of May in Florida!  We head to DISNEY on Friday for Memorial Day weekend.  We’re really excited to get A to the Magic Kingdom.  Anyone reading who has been with a 1 year old *yes I know its too young to remember but it’s a company trip* and has any suggestions for things to do/see for someone so little – leave me comments!!!

In other good news, our little A has entered her terrible 1s.  She is throwing kicking and screaming on the floor fits, fake crying to get her way & testing her mommy’s patience daily!  As the other LK said…she’s so cute as a defense mechanism.  He’s so right!

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