Embrace the Camera Thursday 5.26.11

Last week we missed ETC due to my Mommy-brain condition that hasn’t subsided yet.  13 months later and I still have that crazy CRS* side effect.  By the time I realized it was Thursday….it was Friday!

Here’s me and miss A in Islamorada!  We will be back in Florida this weekend at Disney/Orlando.  We’ve been in Florida all May.  I’m not complaining, so much, but A isn’t exactly the best behaved on the airplane!  I’m praying she is good on this trip…since we will be traveling with all of my husband’s coworkers, I would like for A to make a good first impression!

I love my little girl in the warm weather…I think seeing her thighs & tushy make my day better everyday.  I wish they made the screaming more tolerable 😉

6 thoughts on “Embrace the Camera Thursday 5.26.11

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