A2 Milestones!

Auntie H is a busy girl.  Way way way too busy to do mundane things like…I dunno…record milestones of her 2nd baby!

For the future, baby A2, here are some things that you are doing that I think are noteworthy at age 7 months…

You babble, you coo, you smile, you cry a lot at Gramma, you move…wow, do you move.  You sit up on your own, you get to anything you want to by wiggling your way there.  Your mom had to lower your crib already to the lowest setting.  Today’s big deal…you pulled yourself up to standing on the coffee table.  You looked around a while, saw noone was looking, waited until they did, and a bubble appeared over your head that read: “Thanks for noticing me….”

I’ll have to get more of the scoop from your mom to out up here and record so one day you can look back and see all the cool things you were doing just like A!

I love you little mommy-twin!

sleeping beauty!

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