Embrace the Camera Thursday 12.15.11

Last Thursday my family took a trip to California for a family Bar Mitzvah.  It was awesome!  Haha.  Well – the Bar Mitzvah was, and overall the trip was interesting.  Its always interesting with my family…BUT…we left early in the day on Thursday the 8th…so we missed Auntie H’s 25th birthday here on LKSquared.  A wanted to get her letter out to her Auntie H this week though…

Dear Auntie H,

I love you.  Thanks for giving me the best cousins ever.  Thanks for giving me lots of hugs and kisses.  Not thanks for always telling me I’m stuck in elevators though.  I hope you had the happiest birthday on the airplane with us!  Cousin S, Mommy, Daddy & I had a great time with you!  Even though we really didn’t sleep.  I love you so much and hope we see you soon … remember you promised S that you’d come to my house soon!

hugs & kisses,

Baby A

Long Beach California - We have arrived!!!!

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