Party + Party = Present Overload

This holiday season brought lots of parties to the LK house.  Perhaps it was a result of the fact that 1 year ago we were living with my mom while the house was undergoing some updates.  Perhaps it was a result of the fact that once we moved in, we were terrified that the ants were going to carry everyone away if we invited them in.  Whatever the reason, this year was the year of the PARTY!

We had to have 2 parties.  Party #1 was on night #3 & was soooo much fun!  Here’s a look.  Warning…this post is crazy full of photos & might take a really long time to load!

Lots of friends and family! (and this isn't even half of them!)

A playing with Uncle C! How happy does she look? Silly girl!

1 phone isn't good enough....she's hoarding Auntie E's phone in her pocket too!

PJ Time! Just lounging in her new sleeping bag from Cousins J,D,I,R,&B while checking out her new coloring placemat from Auntie E!

A's sitting on Mommy's Hanukkah present from night 3! Love my new stool! Thanks Daddy!

Best pre-bedtime ... belly laughs with Auntie E!

Party 2 photos coming soon!