Embrace the Camera Thursday 5.3.12

I love our family!  We’re having a blast with our newly 2 year old Miss Sassy pants…

Some things she’s said in the last few days…

After telling her I was going to my room for a minute…”Don’t even think about it Mommy”

When I told her I have to steam my floors…”I want broom floors.  No you clean Mommy, we clean TOGETHER”

When she saw some ants on her floor “Mommy….Spiders on my floor…..clean up spiders Mommy”

When Auntie E told her to “get a grip”….”No YOU get a grip”

She’s a funny girl!


3 thoughts on “Embrace the Camera Thursday 5.3.12

  1. aw how cute is she! mine is the same age and is saying all kinds of things. She told me to “get back here!” this morning and she’s been learning to count but she when she gets tired of it she just says “1,2,4,5,10! Ok, Done!” haha

    just found your blog, it’s nice to meet you!

    xo ashley


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