Why My Mister Is The Best…

I don’t normally spew sappy musings about Mister LK.  It is not my style.  But today, I think it is necessary for me to publicly and sappily gush about how amazing my husband is.  He’s a really terrific father.  He is an even better husband.  Not every girl is lucky enough to find a guy who is as considerate of them as mine 🙂  I hope he knows how much I love and appreciate him & all that he does for me and our family.

This weekend, he made sure my birthday was perfect!  We started by dropping Miss A off with Grandma for the night.  Thanks again mom for watching her for us!

I then went straight to the hotel to begin my weekend of relaxation!  We stayed at the Sofitel in midtown.

Our room wasn’t ready so T and I had a little date at the bar…the wine was perfect!

Then our room was ready and I took a LONG shower.  It was so lovely to just stay in the shower until I felt like getting out!  I wasn’t rushed, I wasn’t listening for a talking toddler in her crib, and I wasn’t dreading walking into the bedroom to see what that toddler had torn apart while I showered for 5 minutes!  (She can do some serious damage in 5 minutes!)

Getting dressed at my own pace and not having to pack a diaper bag was awesome!  Then we headed out to what I thought was going to be a nice date night with the Mister…and as we were crossing the street, our friend DF asked to hold the Mister’s hand!  So fun, a surprise double date!  Even better a quadruple date!  I’m lucky & have a bunch of great friends and family who were able to make it out to celebrate my birthday!  We went to Nai Tapas in the East Village & I was very impressed.  The food was delicious and their mango sangria was really good!  We then headed out to a speakeasy bar which was really cool!  I was too chicken to order any of their mixed drinks as I’m usually a coconut rum & pineapple girl and I wasn’t sure I could handle a whole drink on their menu, so I went with some Reisling & just tasted everyone else’s!

He didn’t stop planning there either!  Saturday we went to the Bronx zoo & met up with Grandma & Miss A.  We took Uncle C and our friend HB & her adorable nephew too!  A had a great time & so did I!  We saw some pretty cool things & compared to the Prospect Park zoo & the Central Park zoo…these animals were living it up!  They were clean & groomed & happy!  The animals at the other zoo’s in the area look a little tired & disheveled!

Llamas & Alpacas are my favorite…and this one was really pretty!

The animal that ruled over this zoo is undeniably the peacock.  They were everywhere.  Roaming freely, in every animal’s territory.  All the males were showing off!  They were incredible!

Miss A just had 1 request.  She wanted to see the Lion King!  So….

This way to the Lion King Daddy!

Off we went in search of the Lion King!  At some point on the trip A got distracted and wanted french fries!  So we got her some and finally found him…

I think A was a little disappointed, as I’m pretty sure she was expecting a cartoon movie when we arrived…but the Lions were pretty cool anyway!

We strolled over to the giraffes before Grandma & I went on our way!

Bye bye Daddy & A…Grandma & Mommy are off to the spa!

Mister LK sent me and my mother to the Peninsula Hotel for massages, manicures & pedicures.  We had a great relaxing afternoon & we were so very much appreciative of Mister LK for all his thoughtfulness.  One of the best parts of this spa was the relaxation room…

When we were done in the relaxation room, we didn’t really want to go, but it was time to go & we left nice and relaxed!

Mister LK, I love you…you’re thoughtfulness and generosity are just 2 things I love about you…I can’t thank you enough for such a wonderful birthday weekend!

(I wrote this post on Monday…and then forgot to hit publish…this week’s been crazy & I didn’t even notice…better late than never honey!)