Birthday Wishes For the Other May Baby…

At our age, some people start to feel less than excited about their birthdays.  I’m not one of them…and Aunt D is certainly not either!

I take the 1st half of May, and she gets the second half….

So from the LK house to Aunt D…we are wishing you a very happy birthday.  May all of your wishes come true.  We can’t wait to celebrate many more years of birthdays with you!

Dear Aunt D,

Happy Birthday to you!  Thank you for teaching me that screaming is the perfect expression of excitement, that being sassy is adorable, that sports are for girls too (no help from mommy), that hummus is totally a main dish, and most recently that people, even your Auntie, might find it strange when you tell them to open their towel after their shower!  I also want to thank you for all the books that I love to read and for the playdoh that drives Mommy nuts!  I can’t wait to come to your pool party & sing happy birthday to you…and eat cake…

We love you very much and hope you have a wonderful day with lots of singing, dancing & cupcakes!

Miss Sassy A