Young Love …

Ahh the early months of a relationship…all the rainbows and sunshine coming out of the ass of the one you love 😉  That sure is a glorious time…I remember it well!

We vacationed with one of our best friends DF & his girlfriend HB.  Can we just discuss for a second how stinkin’ adorable they are?

It’s no secret that I’ve been pretty nervous about who DF would bring home to meet his friend family.  What if I couldn’t stand her?  What if she couldn’t stand us?  What if she didn’t mesh with our group?  How much further from the truth could those fears be?!?!  This girl is amazing.  Now not only does HE love her, but so do I…and most importantly…Miss A adores her.

She’s a great girl and we had a great vacation with her!  It was so nice to see how happy she makes our friend.  It also reminded me of the early days for me and the Mister…before this amazing baby girl came into our lives and threw us into the whirlwind we call parenting!

Another type of young love.  Our love for this little sassy pants.  2 has brought on a whole new world of tantrums when she can’t control her emotions, and we’re working on getting that under better control…but wow this young love is way more stressful than the one these 2 lovebirds have goin’ on 😉

Good job Miss HB on 2 weeks smoke free!  We are so proud of you!

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