A (2nd) Day In The Life … of MY NEPHEW!!!!

Oh to have the life of a newborn…not the Mommy of a newborn, definitely not a Mommy who just had a C-Section, nope, I don’t envy that part…but my gorgeous nephew has been surrounded by family who loves him like crazy & friends who think he’s pretty amazing too!  We also have been snuggling him, changing him, feeding him, and giving him tons of kisses.  That part…I’d take!

A was in the hospital from 11am to 6:30pm…she made it all day without a nap, but once her tushie hit the carseat she was muttering “I…Soooo…Tired….” and then she was sleeping. She has been sleeping ever since.  Straight through dinner at a loud restaurant. In her stroller.  In her skirt, no shirt (she spilled water all over her shirt before we left the hospital), with her shoes, covered by her blankie.  It is midnight.  She’s still in the stroller.  I should go to sleep!  Instead I’ll put up some photos of Baby H’s 2nd day of life…

Great Grandma & her Great Grandson

This woman is inspiring…I can only hope to age with as much grace and beauty as she has.  She’s witty and sweet and tells it like it is…a quality that I very much admire!  It was really beautiful to see how this little boy made her face light up!

LOOK AT THAT FACE!!!  I want to BITE him…

My mom is so cute with her first boy!

A giving HA his present…which she later stole back…my 2 year old apparently loves infant toys…

Holding her new cousin!

Is there anything sweeter?????

My beautiful sister & her son.  It’s crazy she has a little baby of her own.  I just know she’s going to be a great Mommy.  She’s been doing such a great job in his first 2 days.  Childbirth is tough and painful … she’ll agree that she’s not usually the best patient, but she’s been doing really well & we are so proud of her.  We can’t wait to see them fall more and more in love every day.

I love my nephew…if you couldn’t tell…there are about 400 more pics I haven’t gotten to, but it is late & I’m going to bed…A will be up soon!

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