Embrace the Camera Thursday 8.2.12

This past weekend we got an extra special treat!  Auntie S2 came to visit with Uncle B & Cousin CJ & Puppy Boo.  Let me just discuss this little angel for a moment.  She was one of the sweetest, happiest, most content, smiley little girls I have ever seen.  I had no doubts that she’d grow up and be a perfect little angel…but really…did I expect that 10 seconds after she walked into our house she’d be giving me kisses on the lips and giggling with me????  She’s 13 months old…Miss A was a disaster by then!

Needless to say…I love this girl like crazy!

It was so great to see them….yes all of them!!!  But CJ was my favorite…sorry Auntie S2…I hope you still love me!

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