THAT Day…Again…

12 years gone.  I still miss you everyday.  I’ve gotten used to living without you, but it isn’t really easier.  And it is definitely not fair.

Mom & I were talking about you yesterday…how I am amazed when I think of all that you did for everyone, for your home, your children, your grandchildren, and you never ever looked exhausted, or complained about doing it.  I probably have 1/3 or less of the responsibility that you had and I am completely drained at the end of every day!

This horrible anniversary falls out this year on our new year, and in light of that, I think I am going to make a conscious effort to be more like you in my everyday life.  To get more done around the house & spend more time with Miss A without feeling so much stress.  I know that it is impossible that you were not stressed while you were going through it, but no one ever knew it when they looked at you.  I don’t want Miss A to think I’m always stressed out!

I miss you so much.  I hope that you are looking down and are proud of us here at the LK house.  You were my best friend, my role model, my support and my sounding board.  You told it like it was, if I was right or wrong.  As I said last year and will say every day of her life, I hope Miss A and her Grandma have as special of a bond as we had.  Right now she refers to her Grandma as “My best friend Gramma” so I think we’re headed in the right direction!

I love you…



2 thoughts on “THAT Day…Again…

  1. That was a beautiful dedication. Your Grandma and Grandpa must have been very proud of you back then as is evident on how well you turned out. I’d like to believe that those we loved and have passed are still with us in our minds and heart because we are part of them and they us. A will benefit from all that your heart has to give and she’ll turn out well just like you did knowing that love was passed down to her from some very special Grandparents.

  2. So glad “that day” is over. Even though it’s been 12 years, it still kind’ve feels like yesterday. We were so blessed to have such amazing grandparents, who were so much like our second parents and ultimately our best friends. The pain never goes away, and their memories live on within all of us.
    Thank you for your beautiful post. As you can imagine, I cried a lot!
    Never forget they are always with us.
    Love you, Mister LK, and A so so so much! Xoxo

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