Embracing the Camera Thursday 11.8.12

I am re-energized to take more photos with Miss A, since I lost so many!  This one is from last weekend when we were able to take a time-out from all the worry and stress and go to the Big Apple Circus.  It was a great time with Grandma, Auntie H, Cousins S & A, Mommy, Daddy & Miss A.  I highly recommend the Big Apple Circus for little ones.  It is not too overwhelming and still so much fun for everyone 🙂

This was taken outside at Lincoln Center near the fountain…It was really nice to have a little bit of happy/normal in our lives.  I hope it is not too long from now that we can do something happy/fun again.  It seems as though everything these days is work…

I hope everyone has a great Thursday.  It seems Mother Nature is ticked off.  4ft of water wasn’t enough…now we have lots of snow.  I hope Mister LK has a productive day today meeting with our insurance adjusters and contractor.  I hope he isn’t too cold and that he doesn’t come home as sick as I am!  This is just the first step, but at least it is a first step.  Now I am just praying that once we take this step, the next one isn’t “knock down house”!


Join Emily…I’m telling you…once you lose everything, you’ll realize how important these photos are…


2 thoughts on “Embracing the Camera Thursday 11.8.12

  1. it is different for me, seeing a real face with a real family and hearing her words on this storm and the trials it brought with it. it brings the reality of what everyone on the east coast is going through, seeing you and reading your experience. would my prayers mean anything to you? it seems so little from so far away but I do see you and your story and wish that there was some way to help. thank you for the reminder that pictures, memories can be among our greatest treasures!

  2. I absolutely can NOT imagine what you have gone through, and what is yet to come. I hope the weather changes soon, very soon and that all the logistics are taken care of swiftly and without problems. Beautiful picture ~ love the sun rays shining through! Reminds us that even when life is hard there is beauty and light!

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