Trauma & Tradition…

This whole being Jewish thing sure has its ups and downs.  Although, aside from the need to starve for 1 day a year which isn’t exactly as tough as it may seem, I’ve never really experienced the down until now.  My baby had a bris.  His Mommy didn’t like it.

Here’s the deal Baby D…you will not remember this trauma, but I will.  You will probably just take for granted that this is your body and not think about how it came to be until you, gd willing, have a son one day, but if you ever want to thank me for putting you through torture, I’ll say you’re welcome.

I took the day off from taking the photos and I left it up to someone else, but I got a few before shots so here you are little man…before your initiation into the Jewish boys club…

D on the bed before the bris


Auntie S & D

Poor kid … didn’t have a clue what was comin’…. I love you little boy….I promise not to put you through that type of torture ever again.