Month 5….We Have All Survived!!!

Baby D has made it to 5 months.  I simply can not understand how these months keep flying by and how big this boy has become.  I am also happy to report that I have kept BOTH children alive and relatively unharmed for a whole 5 months!  It was touch and go for a while at week 5, but we have gotten to a point where these kids really love each other and I am no longer a little scared that Miss A will try to suffocate him…(on purpose).

This big boy has gained another lb, putting him at around 16lbs (no exact measurement since there was no official 5 month checkup).  He is in most of his 6 month clothing and thanks to Grandma M, he has been moved up to 6 month onesies and is no longer sqeezing into those 3 month ones he has been wearing!



He is fascinated by his toes.  He loves to hold them, eat them, stare at them…they are his favorite toy.  The night that I posted his 4 month update, he decided to roll over.  He went belly to back.  He has perfected this move over the last month, and is now working on getting back to belly with as much ease.  Proud parent outlook…”Great!  he’s on track and doing what the Doctor expects him to do!”  Real parent outlook “Dammit…he slept wayyyy later in the morning before this rolling over nonsense!”  This month marked his first cold.  We have the head of his crib raised, and he usually wakes up with his head at the bottom….I’m sure that feels fantastic!  He’s loving his excer-saucer like crazy, and we also have been enjoying our Baby Bjorn bouncy chair!  He finds it is the best position to get maximum foot to mouth access!

These days, the kid has 3 general looks.

1.  Feet in mouth:





2.  We will call this one….Typical Man: AKA Huh?!….





3.  My most favorite…Super, ridiculously happy!





I can’t take that face.  For real….I bite him at least 3 times a day.  His drool hasn’t stopped.  He loves sucking his thumb.  He still is hanging on strong to the bassinet of his stroller since he is Mr. Belly Sleeper.  He’s usually found strapped to me in my baby wrap and it is there he does his best work as my partner in crime.  He can charm the pants off of everyone he meets, but he’s a respectable boy so he lets them keep their pants on!  His laugh is infectious and he is usually found giggling away with his sister in his crib!

Baby D…Mommy said please keep the teeth away and let me enjoy your gummy smile for a few more months.  I’m not ready to give up your baby-ness.  I love you more than words could ever say.



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