The Day After Yesterday….

Dear Gd…can someone PLEASE tell me WHY…we will have a wonderful day…one of those perfect, happy, smiling, cooperative, funny, AMAZING days….

photo (77)I mean, look at that face.  That smile can light up my life and bring me more happiness than I ever knew was possible.  And then …. the next day …. almost without fail …. this beautiful spirit turns into a monster unlike any other….

photo (78)


All day.  Crying.  Screaming.  Whining.  Complaining.  Consequences be damned.  She’s already not allowed to have another sip of liquid tonight.  (whiskey might be allowed) She has tried every single thing today to make me lose my freaking mind.  She may have succeeded.

Miss A….I’ll take 2 nice days in a row.  I promise good things will rain down on you if you give Mommy 2 good days.  Magical fairies will come and drop presents and jewelry and puppies if you go to sleep and wake up in a good mood 2 days in a row!!!!!!!


broken Mommy



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